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Agentnoon's powerful organization visualization, design and workforce planning capabilities helps consulting partners deliver more effective engagements and increase time to value.

Agentnoon partnerships

Benefits of using Agentnoon

Work with clean data

Save hours cleaning, standardizing and integrating client data. Use our proprietary technology to accelerate time to value for your engagements.

Bring client data to life

Visualize data and generate executive friendly visuals with one click. Identify trouble areas and detailed insights for your clients quickly.

Plan the future

Use our powerful scenario modelling capabilities to plan future state org transformations. Understand impacts of changes in real time.

Ways to partner with us

Project Based

Lease our software for our each individual project. Fixed fees and set project time periods.

Annual Licensing

License our software with long-term term agreements and unlimited usage for multiple clients.

Referrals & Reselling

Refer or resell us to your network with predetermined revenue sharing agreements.

How we support partners

Lightning bolt iconLive integrations, data cleaning and upload
Clock icon24/7 support to trouble shoot any issues
Org structure iconOrg structure visualization
Bar chart iconWorkforce analytics and insights
Icon(4)'What if' scenario modelling
Bar chart with arrowFinancial impact assessments of org changes

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