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Build a competent workforce

Identify critical skills gaps instantly

Collect skills data using AI

Create a skills taxonomy in minutes


Develop an internal skills taxonomy quickly with our AI-based skills collection and natural language processing tools. We scan data from multiple sources including your internal HRIS data, resumes as well as external labor market data to give you a sense of skills required for each role.

collect skills data using internal and external sources
Understand your current skill maturity

Understand your current skill maturity

Assess your employee’s current state skills maturity


Use internal performance review, employee assessments and surveys to map out your current skills maturity across different roles. Get started in days instead of months.

Set skill targets and identify gaps

Address skills gaps quickly 


Set target skills and competency levels for each role based on your strategic objectives. Identify the current skills maturity and gaps across different groups of people in your organization with powerful visualizations.

Set skill targets and identify gaps with this heat map
skills library

Agentnoon’s skills gap analysis capabilities


Agentnoon’s skills assessment and gap analysis capabilities make it easy for you to analyze what skills your employees have and what skills they need in the future. First, we collect data from their resumes and job descriptions. Then, we use employee ratings and reviews to see how good they are at their roles. Then we use employee and team leader surveys to accurately access skills to fine-tune this information. Next, we set competency goals for different roles and teams to identify critical skills gaps. We help companies plan for a competent workforce that will help them achieve their strategic objectives.

in headcount spend savings
80+ hours
saved per month
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Skilled Based Planning FAQs

What is Skill Based Planning?

Its the art and science of aligning an organization's human capital with its business objective.This involves analyzing current workforce capabilities, forecasting future needs, and preparing strategies to bridge any gaps.

Why is Skill Based Planning important?

It aligns talent management with business strategy, enhances organizational agility, fosters employee development, and addresses vital areas within the organization.

How to implement strategies in your planning?

By conducting a comprehensive analysis of the existing skills landscape within the organization, encompassing both technical and organizational competencies.

Why is it important to identify skill gaps?

By understanding the gaps between existing skills and organizational needs, businesses can strategically invest in training and development for their employees.


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“Agentnoon is a newcomer and disruptor in the area of org design and strategic workforce planning'”

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