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Dynamic people analytics
for decision making

Enable executives to make great decisions with relevant, actionable, and simulative scenarios

Dynamic people analytics

Work with real-time data that update depending on different business scenarios

No more dashboard overload with stale, static, and irrelevant data. Create different business scenarios and see the impact on your workforce analytics in real time

Visualise intelligent org analytics
People analytics software image

Executive friendly visuals

Focus on the metrics that matter in a way that decision makers understand

Simple, intuitive, and actionable insights that enable great decision making without focusing on the micro details. Easy to navigate visualizations that executive leaders understand in seconds. 

Compare different what-if scenarios

Track how your metrics change to understand different business outcomes

Become a strategic partner to leadership teams by quickly translating the impact of different business outcomes on your core people analytics metrics. Answer 'what-if' leadership questions in seconds instead of weeks.

People analytics software
People analytics Integrations

One source of truth

Integrate from multiple sources to create one hub for all workforce data

Combine data from HRIS, performance management, ATS, skills and spreadsheet systems to create one consolidated source of truth. Overlay business metrics and ratios on top of HR data to make relevant decisions for your business.

Export to your favourite formats

Take your people analytics data and transform it into your workflows

Native exports of all data and visualizations to Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs allow you to maintain your current workflow without excessive change management. Create detailed slide packs or export them directly into your reporting presentations.

People analytics software export
Workforce Hub for org design

Agentnoon’s people analytics capabilities


Agentnoon's people analytics capabilities offer dynamic analytics with real-time data updates for different business scenarios, eliminating dashboard overload. The platform provides executive-friendly visuals and allows comparison of various "what-if" scenarios. It serves as a single source of truth by integrating data from multiple sources and offers native exports to Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFs. Agentnoon's people analytics solution is designed to save time and resources.

in headcount spend savings
80+ hours
saved per month
satisfied customers worldwide

Customer Reviews

100+ customers trust us to help them grow responsibly

“Agentnoon has a lot of features built-in which means you are up and running quickly. They also have a built connector for Workday which is brilliant.”

"Agentnoon has phenomenal customer service and an excellent product. It is an elegant yet straightforward tool that enhances all aspects of our organizational design."

“Agentnoon has allowed us to cut down on manual and time-consuming tasks around labor forecasting while helping us increase transparency. Their team is also extremely responsive and helpful when we have issues or need to create workarounds”

“Agentnoon is a newcomer and disruptor in the area of org design and strategic workforce planning'”

People Analytics FAQs

What is People Analytics?

People analytics is the use of data analysis to improve decision-making for the workforce with the help of simulative scenarios.

Why use People Analytics software?

Using people analytics software helps HR professionals and executives make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. It enables the analysis of workforce trends, identification of skill gaps, and forecasting of future talent needs, leading to more strategic and effective workforce planning and organizational design

How does Agentnoon help with People Analytics?

Agentnoon's people analytics software provides real-time insights and dynamic analytics for strategic workforce planning.

It integrates data from multiple sources, offering executive-friendly visuals and scenario comparisons to optimize HR strategies and drive better business outcomes.

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