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Building the future of org design and workforce planning


Our leadership team

Ali Nawab
Ali Nawab
CEO & Co-Founder


Ali is a dynamic leader. With a global mindset, Ali has worked closely with C-level technology executives in over 20 countries. His early years as a programmer at Deloitte Consulting equipped him with invaluable experience in managing large, distributed teams of over 100 individuals.

Ali extends his expertise as an angel investor and board member for high-growth technology companies. His diverse background and commitment make him an invaluable asset in the tech industry.

Dave Kim
Dave Kim
CTO & Co-Founder


Dave is a software enthusiast since the age of 13, and his love for software led him to attend the Computer Science program at the University of Toronto. He started his career as a scientific compiler developer at IBM as a co-op student, then joined several startups as a founding engineer

After years of working with many large companies since the acquisition as a senior manager, Dave cofounded Agentnoon with Ali to solve the problems they faced during their leadership years.

Our founding story

Why is it so difficult for leaders to figure out who we have, who we need, and what will they do?

Those are the three questions that Ali and Dave asked themselves when a larger European-based competitor acquired their previous company. They were tasked with merging the two companies together and figuring out the right organizational structure moving forward.

What should have taken a couple of days took months and created a lot of organizational misalignment on the future direction of the company. To solve this problem, an early prototype of Agentnoon was born to help visualize a company's organizational structure, plan its future workforce, and understand all the downstream impacts instantly.

Since then, Agentnoon has evolved from a personal solution to Ali and Dave's own problem, to a global SaaS platform that supports over 100+ enterprise companies with workforce planning and org design solutions. Agentnoon is proud to serve customers in over 15+ countries and work with some of the largest household brand names in the world.

Supported by world-class investors

Our investors include Christina Cacioppo (Vanta), Mathilde Collin (Front), Julien Lemoine (Algolia), Arash Ferdowsi (Dropbox) and 35+ top operators & VCs

Y Combinator
S28 Capital
Quint Capital
Davidovs VC
Palrecha Capital
L2 Ventures
Nama Ventures
Wayfinder Ventures
Rogue Capital
Fortius Ventures
Tribe Capital

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